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University of Canterbury Christchurch , Canterbury  
  • The aim of the University of Canterbury Clinical Psychology programme is to provide professional training in Clinical Psychology that comprehensively integrates academic and practical work, producing generalists rather than specialists. Candidates wi... more >

  • Zoology is the study of animals in its broadest sense and allows for novel combinations of biological disciplines to explore how animals live and function. Ecology, conservation biology, anatomy, physiology, genetics and biochemistry all contribute t... more >

  • The School of Social Work and Human Services offers an advanced studies programme designed to increase the specialised knowledge and skills of Social Work graduates who are providing or intend to provide leadership in any of the branches of social wo... more >

  • Canterbury has New Zealand's second largest university History department, with a full-time academic staff of 17, assisted by an Administrator, two secretaries and twelve part-time tutors, some of whom are PhD students. All full-time staff are expect... more >

  • Cellular and Molecular Biology and Genetics are strongly represented at UC and it is commonplace for students to be taught and supervised by leaders in their fields either from the College or as part of significant academic exchange programmes that w... more >

  • The Department has active and varied research programmes, attracts substantial research grants and offers an excellent and comprehensive set of highly regarded courses and research programmes. It offers excellent opportunities to undertake PhD work i... more >

  • The Postgraduate Diploma in Art Curatorship, the only qualification of its type in New Zealand, will appeal to students intending to work in the museu... more >

  • Students studying Environmental Science at postgraduate level benefit from UC's location in the South Island of New Zealand. There are four field stations nearby which are particularly well-equipped for Environmental Science teaching and research and... more >

  • Plant Biology is the study of plants in its broadest sense – broad in terms of “plants” from algae and fungi to flowering plants, and broad in terms of biological approaches to their study, including genetics and evolution, diversit... more >

  • Microbiology is one of the cornerstones of the new science of molecular biology with its exciting prospects in 'genetic engineering'. One of the most important and useful branches of biological science, it is concerned with organisms of microscopic d... more >

  • UC has one of the finest collections of Greek and Roman antiquities in the southern hemisphere. The James Logie Memorial Collection includes vases and other pottery items from the Archaic period onwards, marble items of the Roman period plus some hig... more >

  • Canterbury's programmes in Foreign Languages and Linguistics are ranked first in New Zealand (The NZ Government's Tertiary Education Commission's latest Performance Based Research Fund quality assessment). Spanish is today the world's third most freq... more >

  • UC's School of Fine Arts provides a stimulating environment that will allow you to flourish as an artist. The first art school in New Zealand, the School of Fine Arts is one of the oldest in the English-speaking world. School of Fine Arts staff are a... more >

  • Canterbury's programmes in Foreign Languages and Linguistics are ranked first in New Zealand (The NZ Government's Tertiary Education Commission's latest Performance Based Research Fund quality assessment). Graduates of the Chinese Programme are well... more >

  • The Macmillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies was founded through a bequest from the late Professor John Macmillan Brown (1846-1935), a founding Professor of the University of Canterbury and a former Vice Chancellor of the University of New Zealand... more >

  • UC has a broad range of biotechnological expertise, spanning the Colleges of Science and Engineering. The College of Science is home to the Centre for Integrated Research on Biosafety, which focuses on biosafety and biosecurity, and the implications... more >

  • The School of Biological Sciences has teaching and research strengths in terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecology, with the University hosting a Centre of Excellence in Aquaculture and Marine Ecology (CEAME) and a Biomathematics Research Centre. Of... more >

  • The School of Biological Sciences has modern, well-equipped teaching and research laboratories with excellent technical support. Staff and postgraduate students are actively involved in research on exceptionally diverse topics, ranging from those of... more >

  • UC's English department is a vibrant centre of teaching, learning and research. The department is well-known for its strong representation of courses covering New Zealand, Australian, and postcolonial literatures at postgraduate level. more >

  • The University of Canterbury is the only New Zealand university with a dedicated forestry department. Internationally recognised, our postgraduate programme is underpinned by the disciplines of Science, Commerce and Engineering and covers a wide rang... more >

  • The Political Science programme at the University of Canterbury has attained national and international visibility for the strength of its academic programmes, staff members, and scholarship. In a recent publication based on the visibility of staff p... more >

  • The MFA(Creative Writing) is designed for students who have studied courses in creative writing at undergraduate and postgraduate level and profession... more >

  • The Department of Physics and Astronomy has a vigorous and exciting programme of teaching and research using state-of-the-art facilities as part of its core work. The department has many collaborations nationally and internationally that give access... more >

  • Bioengineering involves the application of engineering and science to areas of medicine, healthcare and biology. It encompasses research in areas of Medical Engineering, Biomaterials, Biomechanics, Rehabilitation, Modelling, Therapeutics and Medical... more >

  • The Communication Disorders department at UC benefits from four on-campus laboratories with state-of-the-art electronic and assessment equipment and is currently ranked 1st in the country for its research performance (Rehabilitation Therapies, PBRF 2... more >

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