University of Canterbury

College of Science



Christchurch, Canterbury 8041

New Zealand

Program Information

Degrees Offered:

PhD: Doctor of Philosophy, GradDipSc: Graduate Diploma in Science Biological Sciences, PGDipSc: Postgraduate Diploma in Science (equivalent to first year of Masters programme); BSc(Hons): Bachelor of Science with Honours (PGDipSc plus research project: intensive preparation for second year of Masters or for PhD); MSc: Master of Science

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The School of Biological Sciences has teaching and research strengths in terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecology, with the University hosting a Centre of Excellence in Aquaculture and Marine Ecology (CEAME) and a Biomathematics Research Centre. Of particular relevance and use to ecology students, UC has more fieldstations than any other NZ university, from the high country to the ocean and from Antarctica to Africa. Ecology is an increasingly important field, as we struggle to protect plants and animals from growing human impacts. Ecologists and evolutionists try to understand our endangered native organisms such as kiwi, kakapo and rare plants, and they also try to predict or mitigate the effects of exotic pests such as possums and old man's beard. This work can take them to a wide range of beautiful and unique areas in New Zealand and beyond.

Please note that international students only pay domestic fees for study at PhD level.

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