University of Canterbury

College of Arts

Cultural Studies


Christchurch, Canterbury 8041

New Zealand

Program Information

Degrees Offered:

PhD: Doctor of Philosophy, GradDipArts: Graduate Diploma in Arts, BA(Hons): Bachelor of Arts with Honours (equivalent to first year of Masters programme); ;MA: Master of Arts ;

Format: Campus

Program Description:

In Australian, American, and European universities where Cultural Studies has developed hugely in the last two decades, one of its central strengths is seen to be its cross-disciplinarity, that is, the way that it draws on the perspectives, methods, and theories of numerous fields of study. The idea is not to reduce culture to something simple and unified, but to appreciate its complexity. The programme being developed at Canterbury draws on more than fifteen participating departments-most of the Faculty of Arts!

Please note that international students only pay domestic fees for study at PhD level.

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