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The objective of the Research Master’s programme in Theology is to educate students and prepare them for a PhD project or a career in research. This objective will be achieved by combining two processes. First, students will acquire advanced knowledge of theology constituted as an interdisciplinary field. A solid training in theological inquiry begins by expanding and deepening a student's knowledge of the various theological disciplines and traditions. Second, the students will acquire complex research skills and insight into particular methodologies in order to specialize in the discipline of their choice. The underlying philosophy is that useful and relevant specialization in theology requires both expertise in a particular area and extensive background knowledge.Within de general researchprogramme the student may choose one of the four separate fields of study:? Contextual and Cross Cultural Theology? Living Reformed Theology? Bible Translation? Evangelical Theology in Transition CERTThe experience of the last two decades has shown that foreign students who obtained their doctorate at the Faculty of Theology considerably improved their career prospects in their own country. Shortly after returning home, many went on to become professors and some even became seminary rectors or university department heads.


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