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Social Psychology

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The two-year Research Master’s programme aims to provide a specialization in fundamental social psychology, while building bridges between social psychology and neighboring disciplines. New insights can be generated by incorporating biological, cognitive, neuroscientific and evolutionary perspectives within the study of social psychological phenomena such as communication, cooperative behavior, interpersonal relations, the self and emotions. The guiding principle is the view that a number of biological, cognitive and neurological processes cannot be separated from the social context in which they occur. A strong emphasys on both research and presentation skills is present throughout the programme. Because social psychologists combine an understanding of human behavior with training in sophisticated research methods, they have many opportunities for employment. Many social psychologists do research and teach in universities and colleges, housed mostly in departments of Psychology but also in other departments. Students who completed the 2-year Research Master programme are especially suited for a PhD-project in these areas. Also, many social psychologists are employed in the private sector as consultants, researchers, marketing directors, managers, political strategists, technology designers, and so on.


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