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Neurosciences (MSc)

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Cancer is one of the main causes of death in the Western world. In our ageing society the number of cancer patients continues to rise, since the incidence of the disease is highest among the elderly. Research in order to prevent, diagnose and treat this disease is therefore of vital importance. The same applies to research into the causes of cancer and the long-term effects of treatment. Cancer research is multidisciplinary and takes place within a global network. A researcher in such a demanding environment needs to be well-equipped. The Master’s programme in Oncology will make sure that you have got what it takes.Once you have attained your Master’s title in Oncology, you will be qualified to take part in high-level oncological research at universities and other research institutes. A scientific career with a pharmaceutical company is also well within reach. The demand for graduates with a Master’s in Oncology is considerable.


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