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Geosciences of Basins and Lithosphere



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Geosciences of Basins and Lithosphere

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Sedimentary basins and the underlying lithosphere: in order to understand them, you need to be an expert in a large number of disciplines. This is possible with the new Master 's programme Geosciences of Basins and Lithosphere. Specialists in Europe have bundled their efforts in order to offer you the best possible foundation, combining courses on all aspects of lithosphere behaviour and basin development. If you are ambitious, you are at the right place! You will learn how to approach questions concerning basin development and lithosphere deformation using numerous methods, varying from seismic interpretation, numerical and analogue modeling, thematic fieldwork and structural analysis, to petrological studies and assessment of ages and rates of the processes by radiometric dating and isotope geochemistry. Geosciences of Basins and Lithosphere studies is a programme without boundaries. In order to give you the best education available, we decided to design a programme that is not restricted to one university, one city, or even one country. You will study at several places around Europe, getting courses from the international experts on each specific field.


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