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Geoarcheology (MSc)



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Geoarcheology (MSc)

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Geoarcheology, an unique master programme, will provide you with a (earth) scienctific base, combined with cultural archaeology. Your knowledge will be essential when it comes to tracking down sites, deciding on whether a dig should take place or how the remains should be preserved in situ for future generations of researchers. You will employ the latest technology in order to date any materials found or to learn about the old techniques available to the people who produced the objects found. Many archaeological finds are buried in the ground and your knowledge of that soil and what it tells about the former landscape will therefore be essential to understanding these finds in their proper context.A European treaty (Malta 1992) has decreed that before any construction project can commence, the site in question must be studied for traces of cultural heritage. This means that geoarchaeologists will be very much in demand in the near future. You could soon be one of the first geoarchaeologists on the market, with plenty of opportunity to become a leading authority on location methods, archaeological finds or the landscapes of the past.


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