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European Master of Gerontology (MSc)



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European Master of Gerontology (MSc)

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Program Description:

he European Master of Gerontology (EuMaG) is an international and multidisciplinary program in European health and ageing, welfare and policy studies. It runs over a two year period and allows students to travel and study in some of the key gerontological institutions across the continent. The first year consists of four core modules and a summerschool, each run in a different European country. EuMaG is a part-time study, equalling 90 ECTS. The increase of longevity of the population is one of the major achievements of the twentieth century. This rapid demographic transition poses both opportunities and challenges to many European countries. The need for training and education in gerontology is also increasing, particularly in the field of health and social welfare. This program aims to expand opportunities to study gerontology at Master's level and to train professionals and students in the various gerontological fields of action across Europe, to promote abilities to work in different European countries and to enhance professional gerontological skills and expertise.     


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