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Degrees Offered:

Master of Public Administration

Format: Campus

Program Description:

If you are you interested in gaining in-depth knowledge of Public Administration and Organizational Science, and you also find research particularly appealing, then the ‘Public Administration and Organizational Science’ (PAOS) Research Master program is the thing for you. This Master program offers thorough theoretical and methodological grounding and prepares you for your own research project. If you are fascinated by solving theoretical puzzles or enjoy researching a problem so that you can offer empirical policy advice, then this Master program will suit you perfectly. The Research Master’s degree in Public Administration and Organizational Science is offered by the Utrecht University School of Governance (USG) in collaboration with the Tilburg School of Politics and Public Administration (TSPPA) and the Department of Public Administration of Erasmus University in Rotterdam. These institutions belong to the best Public Administration and Organizational Science research groups in the Netherlands. They guarantee that the most recent knowledge of central issues in modern Public Administration and Organizational Science will be covered, and give students an immediate and thorough introduction to the most prominent research in these areas. The Research Master in Public Administration and Organizational Science focuses on the interaction between social transformations and the performance of public organizations in tackling social issues. This Research Master’s Program helps you understand and analyze the classic questions of Public Administration that are playing out in a new organizational context. It will provide you with the tools to identify, analyze and prescribe effective intervention strategies.


This Master’s programme has been accredited by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO).
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