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Animal Pathology


Physiological Chemistry Dpt.

Universiteitsweg 100

Utrecht, Utrecht


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Animal Pathology

Format: Campus

Program Description:

This MSc programme in Animal Pathology is one of four post-graduate Master's programmes in Veterinary Sciences offered by the Institute of Veterinary Research (IVR). This programme is organised by the Department of Pathobiology of Utrecht University's Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. The course includes a research project which may be conducted in collaboration with ID-Lelystad, part of the Animal Sciences Group of Wageningen UR. Students will acquire extensive knowledge in general pathology, pathophysiology and the mechanisms of disease, as well as skills in conducting independent scientific research into the pathology of individual animals and animal populations. The knowledge and skills gained will form a solid basis for veterinary research and disease control programmes, including application in developing countries.
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