University of Groningen

Faculty of Law

Research Master Effectiveness of Legal Arrangements


UMCG, Dept. of Epidemiology, Triadegebouw E3; P.O. Box 30.001

P.O. Box 72

Groningen, Groningen


Program Information

Degrees Offered:

Research Master Effectiveness of Legal Arrangements

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The two year Research Master program Effectiveness of Legal Arrangements, focuses on two aims: 1. to deepen the knowledge of and insights in legal arrangements, from a legal area transcending perspective; 2. to increase the level of research skills in order for the students to be able to conduct top level legal research within an academic setting or within an administrative or commercial setting. The central objective of GGSL is that research is not limited to the foundations of law, but explicitly expanded to the effectiveness of legal arrangements. Highly qualified students can apply for admission to this research master program. GGSL allows students from different legal area bachelor programs to enter into this research master.
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