University of Groningen

Graduate School for Behavioural and Social Sciences

Research Master Behavioural and Social Sciences


UMCG, Dept. of Epidemiology, Triadegebouw E3; P.O. Box 30.001

P.O. Box 72

Groningen, Groningen


Program Information

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Format: Campus

Program Description:

In this two year programme (120 EC), you are actively involved from day one in one of these different research areas. The Research Master's programme is highly selective and specifically geared towards a career in research. You compose together with your supervisor an individual study programme that highly suits your ambition, talents and interests. Students with a Bachelor's degree in one of the social sciences or a related field are admissible to the programme. The selection of students is based on previous education, grades, motivation and mastery of English. The Research Master's programme is associated with the local graduate school in which further PhD training is organized.