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M.Sc.-Organisation Studies; M.Sc.-Organisation Studies - track Organisation of Cultural Diversity;

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Program Description:

The Master's programme in Sociology at Tilburg University is well-known for its thorough research training, specifically in theoretical-empirical analysis, and for the emphasis on international comparisons of societies. The content of the programme is focussed on social inequality, on social cohesion, and on modernization processes; the three key topics of sociology. 1. Inequalities in education, income and power are present in every society, but the dynamics of these inequalities are in a constant state of flux as a result of social processes such as innovation, globalization, migration, educational expansion, and the aging of population. 2. With regard to social cohesion, sociologists examine how strongly people or groups of people are concerned with each other and how strongly they feel connected to society. Do people support the welfare state and do they express solidarity with fellow citizens who have financially problems? What kind of support and resistance can newcomers in the multicultural society expect? And what is the role of the family in providing support to older and newer generations? 3. Modernization processes concern the dynamics of economic and cultural change, with special interest for changes in value patterns, as explored in the European Values Study, a leading international project directed by the sociologists of Tilburg University. These three issues are studied both from a macro-perspective, at the country-level, as well as from a micro-perspective in which the focus is on cohesion and inequalities between individuals, households, families and social networks. Social problems are addressed with general theoretical models and these models are tested with systematic analyses of empirical data.


NVAO (Dutch Flemish Accreditation Organisation)
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