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Degrees Offered:

M.Sc.- Organisation Studies, M.Sc.- Organisation Studies - track Organisation of Cultural Diversity

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Program Description:

The MSc in Organisation Studies provides you with skills necessary to critically analyse and understand organisations and their complex interaction with individuals, other organisations, networks of organisations, and societies at large. Complexity and dynamics within and between organisations play a crucial role in the development, structuring, strategy and performance of organisations. This is equally true for different types of organisations – e.g. public, profit-making and non-profit, small and larger organisations – all of which will be dealt with in the various courses of the Master’s programme. Emphasis is put on the dynamic and complex context in which organisations have to operate. The MSc in Organisation Studies is closely linked to the research programme of the department of Organisation Studies which focuses on the study of relations within and between organisations and their outcomes. Programme The Master’s programme is a one-year full-time programme, starting at the end of August. in the first semester, you take 6 courses. You are assessed on your written (group) work, usually essays, and are helped to constantly assess your own progress. The 6 courses in the first semester deal with the following subjects: - Societal developments and institutions; - The strategy process; - Organisational relationships; - Complexity within organisations; and - Interorganisational relationships. There is also a research seminar, preparing you for the Master’s thesis that you will write from February to the end of June.


NVAO (Dutch Flemish Accreditation Organisation)
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