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Radboud University Nijmegen , Gelderland  
  • This Master's programme in Biomedical Sciences provides you with a solid basis in methodology, statistics and biostatistics, laboratory research and communication skills. more >

  • How do humans, animals and plants adapt to their environment? This question is central in the Radboud University Master’s programme in Biology... more >

  • The Master’s programme in Arts and Culture is taught at the Faculty of Arts. A different programme has been created for each specialisation so that it suits the particular angle of that Master's. more >

  • You will learn how to advance the study of brain and cognition by adopting typical AI tools, such as computer simulation, brain-computer interfacing and robotic design... more >

  • In the Master’s in Anthropology and Development Studies you’ll study current dilemmas related to solidarity, and examine how solidarity is shaped and negotiated not only in the context of nation-states, but also across borders and at a global level. more >

  • The focus is on the intricacies of language, how people learn and use it, and on the different types of variation in everyday language use... more >

  • The Master’s programme in Information Sciences is taught at the Faculty of Science in collaboration with Nijmegen School of Management... more >

  • Understanding the challenges and issues related to managing gender equality, diversity and inclusion in organisations, designing interventions and give content to the social responsibility of organisations... more >

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