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Radboud University Nijmegen , Gelderland  
  • How do humans, animals and plants adapt to their environment? This question is central in the Radboud University Master’s programme in Biology... more >

  • Our Chemistry Master’s programme, is closely associated with the Institute for Molecules and Materials (IMM) and explores the properties of functional molecules and materials. more >

  • Economics at Radboud University could be called ‘Economics Plus’: the ‘standard’ economics package is expanded with relevant knowledge from related disciplines such as Political Science, Psychology and Sociology. more >

  • Our multidisciplinary programme allows you to look beyond country borders and you’ll discover what is needed on different levels from the United Nations to Europe and to individual countries or even regions. more >

  • Our LL.M. programme in European Law is primarily designed for students who wish to develop their understanding and knowledge of European Union law with the intent of pursuing a legal career with a strong international dimension. more >

  • This programme is connected to our Business Administration Master's. The programme has been specifically designed for students interested in learning how to initiate strategic change in organisations by using computer simulation models... more >

  • Our  Master's programme in Business Administration emphasizes the social processes that constitute organisations - unlike any other programmes... more >

  • Understanding the challenges and issues related to managing gender equality, diversity and inclusion in organisations, designing interventions and give content to the social responsibility of organisations... more >

  • The objective of the four-year fulltime orthodontic program is to educate recently graduated dentists to become specialists in orthodontics with a solid theoretical and scientific background and adequate clinical experience in different treatment method... more >

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