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Radboud University Nijmegen , Gelderland  
  • The Cognitive Neuroscience Master’s programme at Radboud University is unique in the world because of its multidisciplinary approach... more >

  • Our Mathematics programme is known and respected for its quality and theoretical approach to mathematics with applications to selected fields... more >

  • The Master’s in Medical Biology at the Radboud University focuses on gaining a deeper understanding of the human system; either on the surface of biological and medical science, human epigenomics or the brain... more >

  • This Master's Programme in Computing Science trains you to become a specialist who is able to find solutions to these problems. You will receive a thorough theoretical training and learn to think creatively... more >

  • The Master’s in Molecular Life Sciences the Radboud University focuses on a deeper molecular understanding of health and disease; in the fields of biology, chemistry and medical science... more >

  • The main focus of the program is american culture, american power and politics and its cultural and political relations with its neighbors and Europe... more >

  • The Master's programme in Pedagogical Sciences was also rated best Master's programme by Elsevier magazine’s annual survey of the best degree programme... more >

  • The programme is organised by the Centre of Language Studies with communication specialists from Radboud University and from the University of Tilburg working closely together... more >

  • This Master's specialisation will give you a better understanding of the evolution, the current status and the implications of the scientific worldview... more >

  • A Master's programme with a focus on the European dimension of spatial planning, spatial and environmental policy and regional economic development... more >

  • The Radboud Master's programme in Political Science offers a unique opportunity for highly motivated students to prepare for a rewarding career in leading positions in the public and private sector. more >

  • The Master’s programme in Public Administration is taught at the Nijmegen School of Management... more >

  • The programme is at the interface of biology, chemistry and physics to discover the secrets behind man, molecules and materials... more >

  • The courses focuses on the developement of different understanding of planning and forms of practices and the creation social, environmental, economical places... more >

  • This Master's programme provides you with a thorough training in empirical research in the context of contemporary society... more >

  • The physicists and astronomers at Radboud University attract attention worldwide with spectacular discoveries - from the origin of cosmic particles to magnetism with light... more >

  • The main emphasis in the three-year Master's programme in Theology at Radboud University is on research on Christian belief in contemporary society... more >

  • The Master’s programme in Information Sciences is taught at the Faculty of Science in collaboration with Nijmegen School of Management... more >

  • Situated in the oldest roman city in the Netherlands, the Department of History at Radboud University offers an English-taught specialisation in Eternal Rome for international students. more >

  • The focus is on the intricacies of language, how people learn and use it, and on the different types of variation in everyday language use... more >

  • In the Master’s in Anthropology and Development Studies you’ll study current dilemmas related to solidarity, and examine how solidarity is shaped and negotiated not only in the context of nation-states, but also across borders and at a global level. more >

  • You will learn how to advance the study of brain and cognition by adopting typical AI tools, such as computer simulation, brain-computer interfacing and robotic design... more >

  • The Master’s programme in Arts and Culture is taught at the Faculty of Arts. A different programme has been created for each specialisation so that it suits the particular angle of that Master's. more >

  • Studying the spatial behavior of people, firms and organizations, observes the relationship between human activities and their spatial environmen... more >

  • This Master's programme in Biomedical Sciences provides you with a solid basis in methodology, statistics and biostatistics, laboratory research and communication skills. more >

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