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MSc in Life Science & Technology


Rapenburg 70

PO Box 9500

Leiden, Zuid-Holla


Program Information

Degree Offered:

M.Sc.- Life Science and Technology

Format: Campus

Program Description:

Life Science & Technology researches the processes in the living cell. Increased knowledge of the mechanisms of the cell can lead to a cleaner industry, better medicines, new methods for combating diseases and isolating enzymes for the development of improved foodstuffs. The programme aims to equip students with knowledge and expertise on both a technological and fundamental level, preparing them for careers in both industrial and academic environments. Biotechnological-, food- and biopharmaceutical industries as well as healthcare and fundamental research institutions are probable employers of our graduates. Students can specialise in 4 different fields: "Cell Factory", "Cell Diagnostics", "Functional Genomics" and "Living Matter".