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Program Information

Degrees Offered:

Master of Arts in Arts and Culture (Research)

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The Research Master’s in Arts and Culture distinguishes itself from other MA programmes in the Netherlands by its intense collaboration with the MA in Media Studies and the Research MA in Literary Studies ; this joint teaching programme gives you the opportunity to acquire a valuable range of skills, both disciplinary and interdisciplinary, historical and theoretical. Based on the premise that the study of cultural objects and cultural practices is founded on a shared theoretical and methodological framework, this programme includes the study of media, art and literature. Photography, film and the so-called new media are well-known paradigms of media, but painting, sculpture, architecture, literature, etc., are also viewed as specific media. All these contribute to the formation of cultures. These formations in and by media change through history, and are therefore studied in this programme in a historical perspective. Media are seen as the building blocks of culture because it is in and through media that cultures are shaped. The programme pays close attention the content of what is being shaped by media (human subjectivity and behaviour, rituals, politics, etc.). Paying close attention should be taken literally: the Leiden Research Master’s considers cultural artefacts as objects for close reading, that should be understood with as much sensitivity as possible. The research master’s offers a flexible programme that encourages you to adopt an interdisciplinary perspective, but also gives you considerable freedom to follow disciplinary courses within your ‘home discipline’. You can focus on Art and Culture, Media Studies or Literary Studies, and can opt for an interdisciplinary focus applied to a single period (Middle Ages/Early Modern resp. Modern and Contemporary), or an approach that concentrates on a single discipline. All students follow compulsory joint theoretical and methodological courses.


Accredited by the NVAO (Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organisation)

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Classification: Non-U.S. Higher Ed. Institution (Not Carnegie Classified)

Locale: Small City

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