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Risk Management



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Degrees Offered:

M.Sc.-Risk Management

Format: Campus

Program Description:

Risk management concerns the identification, understanding, modelling, and managing of different types of risks. These include, for example; financial risk, business risk, operational risk, political risk, longevity risk and many other sources of risk and uncertainty that affect day-to-day business processes. Within Duisenberg school of finance's programme in Risk Management, the focus is on financial risk management. This is one of the main and most heavily regulated sources of risk in the different segments of the financial industry. Upon successful completion, of the Risk Management programme, students will graduate with an MSc in Finance from the VU University Amsterdam. Financial risk management draws upon a variety of theories and techniques, most of which require a thorough quantitative and analytical insight. Because of the required level of understanding of not just a single, but rather a mix of different disciplines, there is a considerable shortage of well-trained people with an explicit focus on risk management. The current programme in Risk Management therefore targets a select group of highly qualified students with a quantitative background, and who hold a MSc in (Quantitative) Economics or Business, a BSc in Econometrics, a BSc in Mathematics, or a BSc in Physics or equivalent. Students are recruited globally, and include a number of students with some years of experience in the financial sector.

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