University of Namibia

University of Namibia

Special Education


Private Bag 13301, 340 Mandume Ndemufayo Avenue Pioneers Park

Windhoek, Windhoek


Program Information

Degrees Offered:

PGDE (Post Graduate Diploma:- Education); Postgraduate Diploma in Special Education, M.Ed.

Format: Campus

Program Description:

A unique confluence binds the birth of the new nation with that of the university. Both are repositories of democratic values. UNAM constitutes a vital part of a vibrant civil society. As such it renders democracy more meaningful, particularly by upholding both the cardinal value and practice of academic freedom. This in turn enables the institution to initiate and shape open discourse on all aspects of Namibian society. Through its emphasis on relevant teaching, applied and participatory research, UNAM cultivates humane values and environmental awareness. Inspired by these values, the university stands ready to serve the nation.


North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission
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