Jordan University of Science and Technology

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Poultry Diseases


Jordan University of Science and Technology

Irbid, Irbid 22110


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The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine was established at Jordan University of Science and Technology in 1990 as a response to the national objective of improving animal health and productivity by increasing their efficiency and thereby reducing the cost of animal production. It is the only Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Jordan. Therefore, it is anticipated to make significant contributions to the improvement of the national animal wealth and consequently to the national income and food security. It also houses a Veterinary Health Center (VHC), which serves the purpose of clinical training for students and provides veterinary services to the public. The faculty is a research and a consultative center, in addition to its basic function in promoting and sustaining high standards of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. To achieve these goals, recruitment of highly competent scientists both locals and foreigners is not compromised. This is coupled with continuous efforts to secure resources so that the faculty could improve and expand its scientific and technical potential. Twenty four staff members are presently employed by the faculty. Thirteen graduate students are pursuing their advanced academic degree programs abroad and they are expected to join the faculty as soon as they complete their study. Teaching and research assistants, in addition to technical staff, are helping the faculty members to carry out their academic duties and public services. Most of the teaching and research laboratories have already been established in the faculty while a few others are in progress. The faculty is an active member of the Arab Association of Veterinary Medical Faculties and it houses its office. Furthermore, the faculty is engaged in many scientific treaties with different universities such as Ankara (Turkey), Al-Zagazig (Egypt), and Purdue (USA). It also enjoys very good relations with regional and international agencies in addition to a strong cooperative relations with the related public and private institutions and organizations.


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