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Welcome to the dynamic and expanding Faculty of Science and Arts, home to interdisciplinary programs that aspire to relate and respond to the larger intellectual, cultural and technological trends and demands of the local, regional, and international community. The Faculty, one of the oldest and largest at the University, holds seven departments and a program of forensic science which offer Bachelor and Master's degrees and give students the chance to choose from a plethora of disciplines that employ several pedagogical approaches involving classroom instruction, independent research, student-as-teacher approach, and internships or practical experience. We offer undergraduate and graduate courses in applied disciplines designed to enhance academic challenge, intellectual depth, and innovation. In addition, we offer service courses, both compulsory and elective, to the entire student population. The faculty provides the best possible physical and supportive environments for faculty, staff and students. The Faculty of Science and Arts is home to qualified faculty members, the majority of whom are graduates of internationally renowned universities. These have both the academic credentials and the practical experience necessary to insure outstanding performance. We continue to develop new programs to enrich the academic experience at JUST and prepare students to meet the challenges of an increasingly evolving world. We strive to equip our students with the necessary skills to succeed in their future professional endeavors which include critical thinking, effectual oral and written communication, problem-solving, ethical decision-making, and computer, scientific and technological literacy. We maintain a lively atmosphere where instructors' and students' cooperation takes precedence as students work closely with faculty members. Our world-class laboratories and facilities allow our students to pursue their interests and advance their education and prospective careers. Furthermore, the Faculty has always been aware of its educational commitment and social responsibility towards the local community. We strive to graduate qualified students who can contribute to the various sectors of the local community by providing them with solid knowledge in highly-desired fields of practice. Each year, the Faculty grants approximately 500 Bachelor and 40 Master's degrees. We have around 2333 undergraduate and 195 graduate students, which makes us the second largest faculty on campus.


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