Shimane University

Graduate School of Science

Pure and Applied Analysis


1060 Nishikawatsu-cho

Matsue, Shimane


Program Information

Degrees Offered:

Pure and Applied Analysis

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The Interdisciplinary Division for Research of Science and Engineering(Master Course) was established in April 2000, based on the Departments of Interdisciplinary Faculty of Science and Engineering. The Division for Research started with five Majors: Material Science, Geoscience, Mathematics and Computer Science, Electronic and Control Systems Engineering and Natural Resources Process Engineering. The teaching staff currently comprises 65 professors, 40 associate professors and 6 assistant professors. The Interdisciplinary Division for Research of Science and Engineering has a first year enrollment of 112 students. A requirement of two years residence and passed an examination based on a master's thesis is awarded the Master degree (Science or Engineering or Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering).
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