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The implication of this new conception of health is that management is needed to help maximize the quality of life (QOL) of people experiencing difficulties in everyday life due to illness or advancing age. There will be increased interest in creating the conditions for people with illnesses to proceed despite difficulties to lead healthier lives. We will also need to enable the healthy and those at risk for disease to maintain and improve their health, including the enjoyment of leisure-time activities. There is an increasing complexity of the environment in relation to health in Japan. Factors include the rapidly declining birthrate and aging population, changes in disease patterns, increasing sophistication of medical technology, and a growing public health awareness. In light of these developments, there will is an increased need for anagement of systems and organizations. We will need skilled individuals to meet these diversifying needs of society. The Graduate School of Health Management aims to produce individuals capable of transcending conventional frameworks to develop plans and programs relating to nursing, health care, and sports that contribute to public health. Our graduates will be equipped with the requisite practical skills and knowledge of management. We equip our students not only with expertise and skills in fields of health and disease, but also with the broad vision, insight, and practical ability to devise community-based nursing, health care, and sports programs. Our students also possess advanced management skills founded in scientific knowledge covering the continuum from ill-being to well-being. To provide professionals with the human resource skill capable of developing, establishing, and implementing new forms of nursing care, the Specialization in Nursing additionally produces highly skilled practitioners capable of flexible thinking. Our graduates are also educators and researchers with the imaginative skills for original thinking underpinned by extensive interdisciplinary knowledge and high ethical standards. There is also a parallel Certified Nurse Specialist (CNS) Program designed to train certified specialist nurses with more advanced practical skills in the field of nursing.


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