Kagoshima University

Kagoshima University

Architectural Engineering


2365 Amadatsu-cho, Sendai-shi

Kagoshima, Kagoshima 895


Program Information

Degrees Offered:

Architectural Engineering

Format: Campus

Program Description:

Graduate School of Agriculture was established in 1966. It offers the following three courses: Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, Biochemical Science and Technology, Environmental Sciences and Technology. Located in the food production base of Japan motivating wide range of biological and natural resources, we study environmentally friendly food production techniques, clari?cation and application of biological functions, conservation and reformation of natural ecosystem and vitalization of rural societies. Furthermore, we promote research and education for new technology in the ?eld of agriculture, forestry and food industry introducing bio-technology and advanced technique. We designed the school to develop students into highly specialized technicians and advanced researchers.


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