Politecnico di Milano

School of Architecture and Society

Industrial Design Ph.D. program


Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 32

Milan, Lombardia 20133


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Degrees Offered:

Industrial Design Ph..D. program

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The ""Politecnico di Milano"" Technical University is one of the leading technical universities in Europe, educating engineers, architects and industrial designers through a variety of innovative specializing courses, with great attention being devoted to all sides of education. Still located in one of the most densely populated and highly industrialized areas in Europe, its premises are spread over seven campuses in the northern Italy. Currently around 42 000 students are enrolled at the Politecnico di Milano. Its Faculty includes more than 1000 professors belonging to 9 Schools û 6 of them grouping different areas of engineering, 3 of them relating to architecture, land and urban planning and industrial design. Through these Schools the Politecnico di Milano offers: - 29 first degree courses (the ""Laurea"" courses, equivalent to B.Sc. - Bachelor of Science: a 3-years degree providing general scientfic contents and methods as well as specific professional skills); - 34 higher degree courses (the ""Laurea Magistrale""courses, equivalent to M.Sc. - Master of Science: a 2-years higher degree providing high qualification in specific fields); - 30 PhD programmes (the ""Dottorato di Ricerca"", equivalent to PhD û Doctoral Programme: 3-years of training and research activity, following the Master of Science). In addition to these programmes, the Politecnico di Milano offers a choice of Specializing Masters that can be entered either after the Laurea or the Laurea Magistrale (for instance the MBA - Master of Business Administration, the ICT - Master on Information and Communication Technology and the IMIM - International Master in Industrial Management). Worth mentioning is the ASP, a joint institution of Politecnico di Milano and Politecnico di Torino, addressed to 150 highly promising students holding a Bachelor Degree. Foreign students admitted to ASP benefit from fee waivers and grants covering accommodation.
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