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MSc in Hydrology and Water Quality



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MSc in Hydrology and Water Quality

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The Jacob Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research (BIDR), affiliated to the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU), are acknowledged leaders in desert studies, widely respected in the international scientific community for the quality and creativity of their research and training programs. In light of this global reputation and the worldwide need for expertise in the study of drylands, BGU and the Blaustein Institutes have established the Albert Katz International School for Desert Studies, which offers programs leading to Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Desert Studies, and Hydrology & Water Technologies. These multi-disciplinary research areas have emerged in response to the lack of science-based responses to the urgent needs of humanity. The faculty includes scientists from the BIDR and leading scholars from the international community. The innovative, multidisciplinary programs are structured to provide an integrated approach, offering students exceptional opportunities to pursue a combination of basic and applied research. Students are exposed to a wide range of disciplines complementary to their major areas of specialization. Graduates are qualified to carry out basic and applied research, take responsible positions in the management of drylands and lead the battle to combat desertification. Goal of the curriculum: - Training skilled professionals for the fields of hydrology, water treatment and desalination. - Preparing skilled professionals for the fields of hydrology, water treatment and desalination (including: water production, estimation of surface and underground water and solute movement, chemical and biochemical evaluation of underground water and contaminants, operations research and optimization of water systems and more). - To provide students with a strong background in fundamental and applied aspects of physical, chemical and microbiological processes in aquatic environment and creating unique capabilities for addressing future needs of society. - Bestowing knowledge in the subjects of flow and transport processes of water, solutes, and solids and separate phases in soil-water, in ground-water and in surface water. - Provide knowledge in the subjects of water and wastewater treatment, including biological treatments, physicochemical treatments and desalination processes. - In particular, intensifying and expanding the study of membrane technologies related to desalination methods and waste water treatment processes. - To prepare students for PhD studies in water related programs - To take advantage of ZIWR strengths in both engineering and hydrological & microbiological sciences to professionally prepare individuals to succeed in multidisciplinary, team-oriented environments. Program structure: The program has three specializations: Water Resources Desalination and Water Treatment Microbiology and Water Quality


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