Waterford Institute of Technology

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Electronic Engineering


Cork Road

Waterford, Waterford


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The School of Engineering is one of six academic schools within Waterford Institute of Technology and comprises the departments of Architecture, Engineering Technology, Construction & Civil Engineering and Trade Studies. There are over 100 faculty members in the school serving some 1100 full time students and 750 part-time craft apprentices. The Engineering School is committed to the pursuit of the best practice in learning and teaching across the wide range of disciplines in the school and to the development of innovative part-time programmes that will serve the needs of practicing professionals in Irish industry. For the past decade the school has been pursuing a strong research agenda linked to local and regional industries. Undergraduate project work is grounded in real life problems experienced by companies with which the school staff has contacts while postgraduate work, both in taught and research programmes is growing and is recognised as vital to the school’s future development. Well qualified staff and the student centred approach to education that permeates the school makes for an enjoyable student experience, while the facilities of a modern campus and the resources of the city and the south-east region all serve to meet the social and developmental needs of our students.


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