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University of Limerick Limerick , Limerick  
  • The MA in Music Therapy is a two-year full-time programme of study which prepares graduates for professional practice as a music therapist. more >

  • The MA may be taken as a one-year, full-time or a two-year, part-time programme. more >

  • The Graduate Diploma in Education (Business) is a one-year, full-time programme specially designed to meet the needs of graduates who wish to become t... more >

  • The Master of Engineering in Computer and Communications Systems will appeal to graduates with primary degrees in electronics or computing who wish to... more >

  • The Graduate Diploma/Master's Degree in Technical Communication was developed to meet the growing need for technical authors. Throughout Western Europe, and particularly in countries with a high technology component in their industrial profile, the prof... more >

  • The University of Limerick has developed a one-year full time course on designing and developing E-Learning products. The emphasis is on web-based lea... more >

  • The MSc in Occupational Therapy (Professional Qualification) offered at the University of Limerick is the first in Ireland. more >

  • The course is two years in duration, the first being entirely taught and the second being industry/project based. Students successfully completing Year 1 only will be awarded a Graduate Diploma and students successfully completing Year 2 will be awarded... more >

  • The overall aim of the programme is to provide registered nurses with the opportunity to enhance previously acquired professional education and develo... more >

  • This MSc programme is dedicated to providing a thorough grounding in the knowledge and application of psychological principles to organisational settings in order to enhance human well-being and organisational performance. It seeks to equip candidates w... more >

  • The overall aim of the programme is to provide registered midwives with the opportunity to enhance previously acquired professional education and deve... more >

  • The MA in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies provides an opportunity to engage in the comparative study of a range of world literatures and c... more >

  • The MA in Classical String Performance is a one-year, full-time programme, which may be extended over two years at the discretion of the course leader... more >

  • The Graduate Diploma/Master of Engineering in Computer Engineering Programme combines software and hardware developments of computer, electronic and communication systems into a condensed course of study that will provide a much sought after competence... more >

  • The MA in Dance Performance is a one-year, full-time postgraduate programme. It is unique in that it facilitates two independent streams of dance, Iri... more >

  • This is a one year, full-time course at MA level. more >

  • The Graduate Diploma in Advanced Materials is aimed at engineering, science or technology graduates seeking to further their careers in the area of advanced materials. more >

  • The Graduate Diploma in Education (Technology) is offered on a one-year, full-time basis and is specifically designed to enable graduates from appropr... more >

  • The MA in Ethnomusicology is a one-year, full-time programme, which considers music in its cultural context. more >

  • The objective is to introduce the students to the concept of Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) technologies used in modern industry and enable them to complete a major dissertation in the manufacturing domain and to provide students with an unders... more >

  • The LL.M. in International Commercial Law is offered on a one year full-time basis and a two year part-time basis. more >

  • Clinical Therapies at the University of Limerick is offering a Postgraduate Diploma/Masters in Clinical Therapies (Physiotherapy/Speech & Language Therapy/Occupational Therapy) commencing in September 2006. This programme is open to qualified Physiother... more >

  • The propose of the Graduate Diploma / Master of Arts in Partnership Studies is to provide a broad knowledge and understanding of the intellectual and... more >

  • This programme is specifically designed to meet the needs of non-business graduates who wish to pursue careers in business. It provides an opportunity for graduates in non-business areas to develop an understanding of the major business disciplines. more >

  • The programme introduces students to a comparative study of the laws and legal systems of the European Union, individual European states and some of t... more >

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