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Attempting to find new drug treatments central nervous system (CNS) diseases is a major global priority. This requires a collaboration between pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and academic institutions. It involves: 1. The identification of drug targets in the CNS disease state of interest 2. Discovery and preclinical profiling of substances acting on this drug target 3. The clinical evaluation for efficacy and safety. The Discipline of Pharmacology and Therapeutics has been actively engaged in neuropharmacological research for over 30 years. In 1998, the MSc in Neuropharmacology was introduced to provide students with the skills necessary to develop a career in important area of research, and aims to provide: A sound theoretical knowledge of neuropharmacology. Laboratory-based skills in various neuropharmacological techniques. An appreciation of the regulatory issues associated with conducting neuropharmacological research. The application of experimental design and statistics to neuropharmacological research. A detailed understanding of a range of computer packages involved in data processing and presentation. A research project which will allow these skills to be further developed.


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