National University of Ireland, Galway

J.E. Cairnes School of Business and Economics



University Road

Galway, Galway


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Format: Campus

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The objective of the programme is to further develop the conceptual foundations and the academic and professional knowledge and skills of honours business graduates who aspire to careers in accounting. The programme combines advanced study of accounting as a basis for a professional career with the development of the student's academic capabilities. The programme places significant emphasis on group work and the development of communication skills, both oral and written. The content of the programme has been developed with reference to the syllabus of Chartered Accountants Ireland. It has been agreed between National University of Ireland, Galway and Chartered Accountants Ireland that graduates of the programme satisfying all the necessary requirements will be exempt from all of the subjects in the CAP 1 and CAP 2 examinations of Chartered Accountants Ireland. The subjects covered on the programme include Auditing, Taxation, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting and Finance.


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