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Attention shifts to the learner's identity as an artist/designer to current and/or past practice. Methods include autobiographical tracing or mapping of one's identity as an artist/designer. The activity involves presentation in an online environment using a range of media possibilities, such as uploading photographs and video to a personal blog, creating links to sites featuring the work of artists and designers. Emphasis is placed on collaboration to identify personal and common interests. - This activity concerns openness and receptivity to contemporary art and design; ideas, forms, situations. Learners interrogate and conceptualise forms that most interests them. It involves examining local, national and international exhibitions and cultural events. Attention is given to modernist and postmodern paradigms. The activity involves searching and tagging, acting in the role of a critic and negotiating discourses within a community of practice. - One area is dealt with in this activity: creative practice. Building on prior experience, this is a sustained period of art/design making. Being inquiry minded is central as is fostering relations within the community of practice, especially in the context of mutual supports and encouragement, and offsetting isolation. - Two main areas are dealt with. One, contemporary concepts of art and design education, and two, teacher research to develop a deeper understating of learning, teaching, curriculum and school/community contexts. The research is frames by the learner's own contexts and questions. Emphasis is placed on diverse methods to capture the work of an art department and the teaching-learning culture, and on the ongoing sharing of findings with the group. - This activity is about networking and linking, explaining and promoting the mutual aims and work of one's art department and some outside cultural agency via a linked blog or website. Emphasis is placed on approaches to online communication and peer collaborations based on geographical location. - This activity is concerned with curriculum innovation and teacher research and the integration of art/design practice, theory and education. Emphasis is placed on critical pedagogy, living inquiry, transformation, change agency and creating reform orientated resources within a collaborative group. - Pre-induction and one-day induction programme. Areas of focus are the social and situated nature of learning and self-study as a form of professional practice. What it means to be an artist-teacher is examined. Attention is placed on group discussion posts and treads and setting personal standards for self-regulation and management of learning and inquiry in cooperation with peers. Use is made of Community Walk to aid mutual awareness.


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