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MA in International Journalism Studies

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This programme draws students from all over the world to come study together, to learn from academics and professionals - and, importantly, from each other - about the hows and the whys of top-quality professional journalism as it operates in a fascinating kleidoscope technologies, cultures. legal systems. The programme complements other DCU postgraduate programmes, particularly the MA in International Communication, a new and expanding theoretical course of study, and the venerable MA in Journalism, a high-quality programme that produces top-tier journalists every year to work in every medium. Irish students in programme spend a semester in Dublin and then a semester away at one of the university's partner programmes in North American, in Australia or elsewhere in Europe. International students may stay based in Dublin for the year, or may go abroad in the spring as well. And, new for 2011, two brand-new classes: A module in international reporting, with real-world boots-on-the-ground reporting from another country, plus a module in Social Media for journalists: Think Zuckerberg 101 2.0. Aims and Objectives: To give an international perspective on, and practical skills in, the journalistic profession in the 21st century. To combine an appreciation of differences in the standards of practice with a search for journalistic universals of fairness, accuracy, accountability and responsibility as the craft is practised across many platforms and in many economic, political and cultural climates. To seek a good balance of Irish students interested in practising journalism in an international arena, and international students with a strong interest in learning the hows and whys of European journalism based in Ireland.


DCU Masters Degree

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In State Tuition (per year): 15000 EUR

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