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Graduate Diploma in Intercultural Studies, MA in Intercultural Studies

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Over recent years and in response to an increasingly internationalised environment, Intercultural Studies has emerged as a key discipline for enhancing our understanding of the historical, social and cultural dimensions of language study and of intercultural contact. Why study Intercultural Studies? Rapid developments in technology, as well as the globalisation of politics and economics have resulted in unprecedented levels of international human mobility. As a result, the societies in which we live are increasingly culturally diverse and intercultural contact is increasingly frequent. However, while exposure to other cultures offers huge potential benefits to individuals and societies, there are also challenges to overcome. Different value systems, coupled with diverging communication styles and behaviours can result in miscommunication and conflict between cultural groups, both within and across societies. With this in mind, Intercultural Studies aims to provide individuals with both the knowledge to thoroughly understand the dynamics of intercultural contact and the practical skills to enable them to successfully engage with cultural diversity, be it in their work environment or elsewhere. Aims and Objectives: To examine a range of issues relating to the areas of cultural difference and communication across cultures, including how we describe cultural difference, the relationship between language and cultural identity, globalisation and internationalisation, moral and ethical dimensions of cultural conflict, cross-cultural communication and the importance of socio-economic factors in cultural contact To investigate the intercultural dimensions of literature and film, particularly in relation to French, German, Japanese and Spanish speaking communities. Some modules take a more applied approach, such as those dealing with multiculturalism and the intercultural workplace.


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In State Tuition (per year): 13300 EUR

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