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International Business is the management of resources and functions by firms across borders. It is a complex area of economic life, demanding from its participants knowledge of both general business processes and the conducting of commercial transactions across national boundaries. The American College Dublin’s MBS in International Business programme equips the student with the necessary knowledge base, skills, competencies and strategic awareness to succeed in the international business environment. The programme’s overall aims and objectives are that graduates will: * Aquire and understand the key knowledge areas relevant to the study and practices of international business. * Demonstrate an awareness of the seminal and current theories and concepts in the study of international business. * Apply a practical range of skills for analyzing and evaluating problems and proposing solutions in the international business environment. * Communicate – orally, in writing and electronically – in international business, analyse case studies, make presentations, prepare reports, engage in interpersonal interactions and team working arrangements. Apply a range of competencies for successful practical participation in international business, including executive decision-making, ethical awareness, cultural sensitivity and strategic planning. Utilise a range of research methodologies to analyse business data and propose ternable conclusions. Undertake the research and writing of a substantial project with minimal supervision. There are three broad subject strands to the MBS programme: * The International Environment – This is studied through the broad political economic background, the international regulatory framework and the issues of corporate governance and ethics at an international level. * International Management – Cross-cultural management assesses the impact of different cultures on management, while international entrepreneurship examines the issues of new business development in the international environment, and corporate policy looks at the strategies of global firms. * International Business Functions – The special issues of business functions operating across national boundaries is analyzed in relation to corporate finance and marketing in large multinational firms. While the research methodology modules provides a foundation for the dissertation, the research theme runs through all modules. The dissertation forms a capstone in permitting the students to pull all the strands together in a major integrated research project.


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