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The modern business enterprise is in constant transformation as it responds to technological innovations linking local communities to the global marketplace. The Irish American University MBA is an advanced degree designed to prepare and equip managers with the knowledge and competencies necessary to administer controllable forces within their organizations in order to adapt successfully to variables and changes in the uncontrollable environment. Practitioners develop skills for deciphering and forecasting external forces and in the process become effective leader-managers in the increasingly multicultural, multinational environment of the twenty-first century. Why choose to study for our MBA? The MBA programme is designed to prepare qualified students for middle and upper-level management leadership responsibilities in business, not-for-profit and governmental organizations. Using a general management focus and strategic approach, students demonstrate: * (1) broad and integrated knowledge of business functions; * (2) knowledge of ethical and legal considerations and the social responsiveness to resolve corporate and public issues; * (3) analytical, problem-solving and critical thinking skills and use of technology related to business decision-making; * (4) communication and interpersonal skills to lead groups and business organizations; * (5) foundations and tools to make and implement strategy;and * (6) the depth and critical importance of the dynamic and global environment as they influence organizations, decisions and operations


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