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Structural Engineering

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The Masters of Engineering in Structural Engineering programme aims to develop advanced analytical, design and research skills in Structural Engineering. Graduates of this programme will be well equipped to meet the challenges of the modern Structural Engineering industry, providing and protecting the physical infrastructure that underpins society; in this context a broad range of infrastructure is addressed. The programme covers both the theoretical background and the practical design considerations of Structural Engineering. The content seeks to reflect current and future practice in structural analysis, design, appraisal, experimental techniques and information technology. It aims to provide the graduate with the advanced conceptual understanding, detailed factual knowledge, and specialist technical skills that are required for success in Structural Engineering. The elective options afford the opportunity for the development of skills and competences in a range of additional and associated disciplines. Following a period of appropriate professional experience, the graduates of the programme will have the skills and competencies appropriate to achieving full membership of The Institution of Structural Engineers.


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