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The Centre for the Study of Social Systems was established in 1971 for undertaking teaching and research in a comparative perspective in the two basic areas of sociology:(1) social structures and (2) social processes. The Centre was needed to encourage interdisciplinary approach to the study of social systems taking into consideration social, economic, political, religious and other such sub-systems. The mandate was to evolve comparative perspectives for studying social system and its sub-systems at both macro and micro levels. In pursuance of its mandate, the faculty, students and research staff of the Centre have, over the years, made valuable contributions in the following areas: 1. Sociology of Modernization and Development 2. Sociology of Professions and Professionalisation 3. Sociology of Social Stratification 4. Sociology of Social Movements and Social Mobilization 5. Studies of Marginalized Groups, Minorities and Dalits 6. Sociology of Tribes and Ethnicity 7. Sociology of Education 8. Sociology of Knowledge 9. Sociology of Gender and Gender Relations 10. Sociology of the Indian Diaspora 11. Sociology of Religion, and Culture Studies 12. Sociological Theory 13. Quantitative Methods in Social Research 14. Social Demography 15. Social Psychology 16. Historical Anthropology 17. Social Ecology 18. Sociology of Globalization 19. Media Studies, and 20. Modern Indian Social Thought Collaboration with other universities and institutions 1. Albert Ludwig University, Freiburg, Germany 2. University of KwaZulu Natal, Durban, South Africa 3. University of Bergen, Norway 4. Johannes Keppler University, Linz, Austria 5. University of Essex


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