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Courses are offered in Indian Intellectual and Cultural Traditions , Vedic Studies, Navya-Nyaya, Sanskrit Language and Literature, Pali & Prakrit Language & Literature, Indian Philosophical Systems, Computational Linguistics, Indian Discourse Analysis, Sanskrit Linguistics, Historical Linguistics, Puranas, Epics, , Sanskrit Poetics and Aesthetics, Environmental Ethics, Manuscriptology, Indian Socio-Political Thought. Specialized courses are offered in third and fourth semesters in the following areas Veda Sahitya Darsana Computational Linguistics Sanskrit Linguistics Social Thought Indian Aesthetics & Poetics Pali & Prakrit Studies M.Phil/Ph.D There are FIVE immediate objectives before the Special Centre for Sanskrit Studies: (i) to increase the access of the texts of Indian thought by making them available in the modern Indian languages and media, (ii) to expound the texts of thought in a modern idiom to explicate their intrinsic intellectual content, (iii) to examine the Central Asia, South Asia, East Asia and the Middle East culture and intellectual matrix in terms of Indian thought, (iv) to evaluate the traditions of thought not only for their evaluatory power but also for their inbuilt potential for adaptation and evolution. The M.Phil/Ph.D. programme will organise: expositional and developmental research (in seminal texts of thought, and two-fold comparative research between classical Indian theoretical frameworks and texts on the one hand and on the other hand (a) modern Indian Languages and literatures and cultural practices, (b) Persian and Asian languages, and (c) modern European languages and cultural practices. M.Phil/Ph.D. Research facilities are available in the following areas: Vedic Studies Agamic Systems Sanskrit Literature Indian Philosophical Systems and Schools Indian Aesthetics & Politics Indian Discourse Analysis Sanskrit Grammar and Linguistics Navya Nyaya Language & Methodology Environmental Ethics Scientific Traditions in Sanskrit Computation Linguistics Sanskrit Lexicography Indian and Western Logical Systems Indian Socio-Political Thought Epics Pauranic Literatures Pali and Prakrit Studies Manuscriptology


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