University of Iceland: Sudurgata

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University of Iceland Reykjavik , Hofuoborga  
  • The six-year course of study in Dentistry leads to the cand.odont. degree. more >

  • The six-year course of study in Medicine leads to the cand. med. et chir. more >

  • The program is designed to provide students with a theoretical and practical knowledge of Icelandic Law... more >

  • M.A. programs are offered in Icelandic, History, Philosophy, Comparative Literature, English and Danish. M.A. students must complete 60 credits, which... more >

  • The Fisheries Research Institute of the University of Iceland co-ordinates graduate studies for a Master's degree in fisheries; a two year interdiscip... more >

  • A two-year Master's programme (Biomedical Sciences) is offered at the Medical Faculty.The Department office is in Laeknagardur, Vatnsm‡rarvegur... more >

  • In the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, entering students choose to study in either the Department of Economics or the Department of... more >

  • The Faculty offers a number of one-year programmes: in Education, leading to the Teacher's Certificate; in Social Work, leading to the Social Worker's... more >

  • One-year M.S. degree programme which requires overseas study and a thesis.The Faculty Office is in VR-II, Hjardarhagi 2-6, IS 107 Reykjav#iacute;k. more >

  • The Faculty of Natural Sciences is comprised of six departments: Biology, Computer Science, Chemistry,Geosciences, Physics, and Mathematics. more >

  • An M.A. degree requiring two to three years of postgraduate study and a dissertation, is offered in Danish, English, History, Icelandic Language, Icelandic Literature, and Icelandic Studies. An M.A. in Comparative Literature is also being considered. Th... more >

  • The Faculty of Law offers a five-year programme leading to a cand. juris. degree, which is a professionalqualification. more >

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