University of Pécs

Ph.D. degree - International Business Management


Rákóczi út 80.

Rakoczi ut 80

Pecs, Baranya


Program Information

Degrees Offered:

Ph.D.- International Business Management

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The program consists of two (usually overlapping) parts: the period of organized study and the independent research phase supported by the guidance of an experienced faculty consultant. The study period lasts for three semesters and organized partly as a contact based and partly as a distance based education (see table1 for more details). Students spend approximately 10 days in each semester in Pécs being offered with 160 contact hours in different subjects while for the rest of the semesters the study period continues with self-preparation using the written study materials (books and scientific papers). During the time while staying in their home country students have the opportunity to keep contact with and get advise from the instructors responsible for the subject via the Internet. Students are required to take exams in each class. The content and form of examinations (i.e., class paper, closed or open book exam) are determined by the characteristics of the subject.
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