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International Ph.D. Program in Business Administration


Rákóczi út 80.

Pecs, Baranya


Program Information

Degrees Offered:

International Ph.D. Program in Business Administration

Format: Online

Program Description:

 The University of Pécs offers education which draws upon a long history of academic activity. The Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE) was established in 1970 - and has since become a leading centre of education and training for economists and business executives in Hungary.  The Faculty established its International Ph.D. Programme in Business Administration in 2001 for professionals in the world of business or in public administration with several years of experience in their field, although not necessarily in research or education.The Programme is designed to help students to acquire the knowledge necessary for writing a successful dissertation and it also supports independent research by providing experienced faculty supervisors and professional feedback at dissertation seminars.International Ph.D. Programme combines the advantages of contact-based and distance-based education, drawing on contributions from recognized national and international experts.In its design, the Programme combines two major international traditions in doctoral education: the American tradition, where several years of formal instruction and education are needed to gain a Ph.D., and the European tradition with a limited number of classes and a strong emphasis on independent, dissertation-focused research.The education period cove


Accredited by the Hungarian National Accreditation Committee in 1994 and 2001, the Doctoral School receives students from Hungary and abroad in its part-time and full-time Programmes.

International Student Requirements:

Students are required to submit 2-3 page research proposal, which includes an explanation of the purpose of the study and outlines the research methodology. It should include the title of the dissertation, aim of the underlying research, clearly stated motivation for the research, literature review, list of references.
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