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Degrees Offered:

Master of Laws in International Business Law (LLM)

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The IBL program has repeatedly proved its ability to provide for cutting-edge education. Its initial focus on transition changed after a few years towards emphasis on the new global reality of international business transactions, on new actors, new priorities, new challenges, and new methods of dispute settlement. One of the main goals of the Program has been to enable graduate students from Central-Eastern Europe - as well as from other parts of the world - to cope with contemporary legal challenges posed by international business transactions, and to become highly qualified players.

The main focus of the program has been on the international business transactions themselves, the actors (companies and other actors) the environment of international business transactions, and on international dispute settlement (including mechanisms of alternative dispute resolution). The IBL Program is offering 39 courses - the majority of which are short, one credit courses, suited to assure the participation of top class visitors. We are covering critically important fields like international business transactions, corporations, drafting and negotiating contracts, capital markets, international dispute settlement, international tax, or intellectual property, and we are also devoting attention to some regional developments ( like doing business in Asia). We are trying our best to respond to most recent developments and challenges by introducing new courses (like Human Rights in Corporations, or Organizing World Trade), but also by updating the content of established courses.

The IBL Program is proud of the fact that the overwhelming majority of its alumni have most successful carriers, many as practicing attorneys and company lawyers, but also many as university teachers and government officers. The variety of students (coming typically from 15-20 countries) offers both an interesting cultural experience, and a most valuable network of connections.

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