University of Potsdam/Germany

University of Potsdam/Germany

WIPCAD - Wicked Problems, Contested Administrations: Knowledge, Coordination, Strategy


Universitaet Potsdam, Park Babelsberg 14, House 5

Potsdam, Brandenbur 14482


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WIPCAD offers its doctoral researchers and other participants a rigorous course program that reflects the thematic, conceptual and theoretical focus described above. The course load of the students is higher in the first two semesters (up to a maximum of six hours a week) so as to familiarize them with the main empirical, conceptual and theoretical debates. From the third semester onward, greater flexibility is provided and fewer courses are taught in order to allow students to carry out field research, do internships or similar assignments in administrative authorities or follow summer schools or other project-related seminars, notably in Bergen or Stockholm. Beginning with the second semester, students have increasing opportunities for shaping the content of their classes as emerging theoretical or methodological aspects are included at their request.

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About WIPCAD The Research Training Group (RTG) on “Wicked Problems, Contested Administrations: Knowledge, Coordination, Strategy” (WIPCAD) is a newly established DFG-funded program to promote young researchers in the field of public administration and combines an innovative research focus with excellence in policy and administrative analysis . Its innovative and ambitious research theme, strong emphasis on interdisciplinarity as well as its integration in vibrant international networks of collaboration enhances Potsdam’s standing as an international leading center for teaching, study and research of public administration. WIPCAD strengthening the Department’s role as a leading German center for the training of administrative scientists. Complexity, uncertainty, and ambiguity of current policy problems – such as climate hazards or welfare state reforms – fundamentally challenge how public administrations organize. Our aim is to study the interrelationships between „wicked? policy problems and the development of administrative organizations on various levels. The empirical puzzle of how public administrations have responded to current and pressing policy problems is at the heart of the RTG’s research. The program is based on systematic interdisciplinary cooperation between political and administrative sciences, sociology and public management. The RTG has a unique position within the German academic community and is exceptionally well placed to foster a young generation of scholars working at the international forefront of research. We invite you to learn more about our academic profile, your career opportunities and the life in the Potsdam-Berlin region.


Our doctoral researchers are working towards a Ph.D. degree, which is accredited by all relevant bodies in Germany and the European Union.

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International students are strongly encouraged to apply.

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