Universität Tübingen

University of Tübingen

Legum Magister (LL.M.)


Wilhelmstrabe 7, Neue Aula

Hagelloch, Baden-Wurt


Program Information

Degrees Offered:

Legum Magister (LL.M.)

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The Faculty of Law of the University of Tubingen, the university where Melanchton taught and Kepler and Hegel studied, has been offering since the academic year 1985/86 (October - July) a one-year postgraduate programme for foreign graduates in law. Those successfully completing the programme will be awarded the degree of Legum Magister (LL.M.)(Tubingen).

The main objective of the programme is to give, within the limited period of an academic year, young foreign lawyers the opportunity to acquire a basic knowledge of the legal system of the Federal Republic of Germany, to carry out legal research in a particular field of German, European or International Law , the field to be selected by the students themselves, and to submit a thesis thereon.

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