Universität Tübingen

University of Tübingen

Graduate School of Neural and Behavioural Sciences and International Max Planck Research School


Wilhelmstrabe 7, Neue Aula

Hagelloch, Baden-Wurt


Program Information

Degrees Offered:

Dr.rer.nat. - Neural & Behavioural Sciences, M.Sc. - Neural & Behavioural Sciences

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The Graduate School of Neural & Behavioural Sciences provides research-oriented training in systems, behavioural and cognitive neuroscience. A major aim of this research is to understand the role of higher brain functions that allow humans and animals to operate successfully in natural environments. Concrete topics include the neuronal basis of perception and its top-down control by attention, expectation and motivation. Furthermore, spatial orientation, planning and execution of movements, storage and retrieval of memories, processing of language and communication are being investigated. Also, the development of neuroprosthetic devices that may take over functions of receptors or neuronal networks destroyed by disease is being pursued. To investigate these scientific questions, a wide, interdisciplinary spectrum of methods is employed. Of particular importance are brain imaging methods, both with respect to their physiological and technological basis and their application in neurology, psychiatry and neurocognition.


In 2009, the master program of the Graduate School of Neural & Behavioural Sciences has undergone a rigorous accreditation proceedure and has in March 2010 been awarded the 'seal of approval' by the board of the accreditation agency ACQUIN. The accredited course of study in "Neural & Behavioural Sciences" leads - after earning of 120 ECTS credit points - to a "Master of Science"-degree. The accreditation is valid until Sept 30, 2014.

Facts & Figures

In State Tuition (per year): 206 EUR

Out State Tuition (per year): 206 EUR

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