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Global MBA

Format: Hybrid

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IBR has re-engineered the concept of the well known “standard” MBA that is based on case studies and other information regarding companies that are not personally known to and experienced by students. The disadvantage of this approach is that students do not have a sense of the context, nor do they have a feel for the real-life situation. No wonder MBA graduates often come up with strategies or initiatives which either cannot be implemented at all, or can be implemented and may even produce short-term profits but at the cost of long-term damage to the company concerned. IBR participants study while based in their personal working environment and reflect on their own performance as responsible decision makers in a global world. For IBR, it is of paramount importance that their Global MBA students can use their up-to-date knowledge, management skills and hands-on know-how to paradigmatically change the actual business world around them. How is this done? IBR custom designs the MBA to fit the needs of the organizations represented by making the students’ personal workplace their own case study. Under the guidance and with the encouragement of the faculty, students use their newly acquired knowledge, to experiment with business opportunities and entrepreneurial initiatives which they previously did not consider possible. This enables them to implement that which they previously considered only a dream for some distant point in their career future. The IBR Global MBA is a blend of six weekly residential periods and 28 practical in company projects over a period of 2 years. Residential periods are run with IBR MBA faculty members in Europe, Asia, America and Africa. Classes are small to allow personal interaction between professors and students.


Foundation of International Business Administration Accreditation, which has been incorporated by the head associations of the German, Swiss and Austrian industries. The Global MBA has been awarded with a PREMIUM SEAL. FIBAA recognizes such MBAs with a premium seal that exceed by far accreditation quality requirements. To date, only six other MBAs have been awarded with a premium seal.
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