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Degrees Offered:

Master of Public Policy. In order to receive the Master of Public Policy (MPP) degree, students are required to have completed a total of 60 credit points (ECTS). One ECTS credit point requires approximately 30 hours of coursework. This estimated amount of work is designed to take both presence-required courses and distance learning courses into account, and also includes study and preparation time. The content of the modules will educate students in the fundamentals of reflecting on the hands-on project that students will later implement in their own organisations. From this work, it may also be possible to derive a topic for ones Master Thesis. The 60 ECTS are distributed as follows: * Introductory Week 2 ECTS * Modules 27 ECTS * Project Realisation 13 ECTS * Master Thesis 15 ECTS * Oral Exam 3 ECTS This study programme is designed to take place over the course of two years.

Format: Online

Program Description:

Master of Public Policy The Master of Public Policy degree is a joint study programme between the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) and the Humboldt University Berlin, administered through the HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA School of Governance gGmbH. The Master of Public Policy degree provides engaged and committed future leaders from the worlds of politics, business, civil society and administration with the skills to: Develop, implement, and communicate strategies for individual policy areas; Bring ideas to life in private, political, or civil society organisations and shape and guide processes of change; Conceptualise and implement projects and activities in the public sector and political realms. Over the course of the four-semester-long study programme, students will learn to: Formulate and address complex new questions; Move among different dimensions of a complex challenge; Proceed effectively with the resources available; Integrate the distinct expectations of various stakeholders into one effective solution. Students will combine their distinct multidisciplinary knowledge and diverse professional experiences in order to address subjects based on their own varied perspectives. Concrete Values in Practice The heart of this programme lies in the hands-on project. Students will address problems related to their own organisations and, during the course of the MPP degree, develop and implement solutions to these problems in their daily work environments. Students will thereby acquire the concrete an
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