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Degrees Offered:

M.A. - Master of Arts

Format: Online

Program Description:

With globalization on the rise and a multitude of international issues such as migration, new security challenges, and environmental degradation at hand, an exponentially growing demand exists for IR related expertise as well as transnational understanding and cooperation.

Responding to these imperative needs, Freie Universitaet Berlin offers the blended-learning M.A. program "International Relations (IR) Online". This program of excellence aspires to bring together young dedicated professionals wishing to qualify for higher positions in governmental agencies, internationally operating private enterprises, in NGOs, and in International Organizations. IR Online provides the ideal opportunity to stay on the job while enhancing your worldwide career perspectives. IR Online helps you to gain in-depth knowledge of IR theories and enables you to acquire relevant academic and applied research skills in these areas. In specially tailored modules you will be trained to analyze and evaluate IR related issues from different disciplinary angles and assess developments in international and global politics in their respective institutional, economic, and social contexts. In addition, you will work with innovative IT and research tools in an international environment by making use of state-of-the-art communication technology. Your web-based studies will be supported by several in-house classes in Berlin, thus combining international educational experience with innovative means of knowledge-building. IR Online allows you to be flexible in your time management. While being able to pursue your studies virtually anywhere at any time, you will enjoy high-quality individual support. 


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